Window Washing Washington Park, IL

Window Washing in Washington Park, IL. A professional window cleaning in Washington Park, IL will do wonders go beyond improving your home or business's aesthetics. It can improve the daily lives of your family or make your employees more productive and your customers feel more welcomed. At CleanPro STL, we've dedicated ourselves to doing what we do best to make the Washington Park-area the cleanest place to live and work. For a friendly, efficient, and expert exterior window cleaning appointment in Washington Park, IL, call CleanPro today at 636-686-7137 or request a free quote online.

Why Are My Windows Getting Dirty in Washington Park, IL?

Handprints, smoke, grease, pets and more can make your windows dirty from the inside. External forces that lead to needing exterior window washing in Washington Park, IL include:

  • Wind — Wind picks up dust and pushes it off trees, sticking it to the exterior of your windows.
  • Airborne Contaminants — There are many particulates in the air around us that, while initially unseen, build up on windows over time. Particle pollution is more of an issue in more populated areas and in Washington Park, IL cold weather due to the air being colder and heavier.
  • Hard Water — Using groundwater can be a quick and effective way to knock off major debris or dirt, but it also puts minerals on your windows. Minerals and sediment can leave streaks on your windows once the water is gone.
  • Window Cleaning Solutions — Standards solutions you can to clean your windows yourself can be effective, but they leave residue on the windows that can become a hotspot for dirt and grime. Professional cleaning solutions don't have that problem. Even if you have professional cleaners, not using expert techniques can still leave streaks.
  • Screens — Screens on the exterior of windows are intended to keep bugs, debris, dirt, and pollen away from the windows. But rain or heavy wind can push what was caught by the screen through it and dirty the glass.

You may need your windows cleaned for one or all of those reasons, or just because it's been a while. If, whatever you try, you windows just won't stay clean, get in touch with a professional Washington Park, IL window washing service like CleanPro.

Window Washing Washington Park, IL | Home Pressure Washing | Exterior Window Cleaning Near Washington Park

Top 8 Benefits to Professional Window Washing in Washington Park, IL

  1. Improved aesthetics — Recently washed windows will be a great asset for your property's curb appeal and make tremendous first impressions when people come to visit or when customers come.
  2. Increase your windows' lifespan — Dirty windows are susceptible to cracking and chipping. Replacing the windows on a 3-bedroom house costs as much as $10,000. Larger, commercial windows cost even more. Professional window washing will ensure your windows can stand up to the elements.
  3. Let more natural light in — Natural light increases serotonin and increases happiness. If you're running a commercial property, increased natural light will increase your employee's productivity. A window washing with our technicians will bring more sunlight into your building's interior.
  4. Better energy efficiency — More natural light also means you won't have to have as many lights on during the day, cutting down on energy costs. Additionally, heat gain and loss through windows are responsible for 25-30% of HVAC systems. Window washing will make your energy systems more efficient. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, windows are essential to better energy efficiency and achieving a cleaner energy economy.
  5. Eliminate of dangerous substances — Many natural contaminants thrive where water collects, such as condensation or rainfall outside of your home. They especially love hard to notice areas such as cracks. Not cleaning them off can lead to them entering your home and cause health problems. Professional house washing and business washing services are effective at getting harmful materials off your windows.
  6. Eliminate allergens — Allergens that accumulate on windows can make allergies unbearable and cause you and your Washington Park, IL family or employees a great deal of annoyance.
  7. Stave off bugs — Debris and grime can lead to insects being attracted to your windows, which makes it them a great place for spiders to hunt, and can even attract bats. Window washing eliminates any reason for bugs to come to your windows.
  8. Discover any safety hazards — Over 5,000 kids and teens go to the emergency room each year after falling out of windows. When you have your windows professional cleaned, you'll be able to see if any are vulnerable to breaking. A dirty window is also more difficult to get open, which can be a fire hazard.

If you want to reap the rewards of clean windows, it's important to get a window washing from Washington Park, IL experts.

We're more than just window washers, we also offer the following residential and commercial cleaning services in Washington Park, IL:

CleanPro's Window Washing Services in Washington Park, IL

Here's why you should choose CleanPro for your window washing in Washington Park, IL:

Our Process

Our window cleaning process includes:

  • A water-fed pole brush that allows us to safely clean windows up to three stories tall
  • Purified water that delivers exceptional cleaning power without the minerals found in hard water
  • A spot-free rinse so your windows will be clear
  • Knowledgeable technicians who know how to safely and effectively clean your windows

All of our cleaning solutions are biodegradable, so surrounding foliage will be safe.

Professionals Know How to Do the Job

There's a reason why you need window cleaning from professionals. Professional window washing experts have the tools, chemicals, and knowledge to safely make your windows spotless.

Our Philosophy

Our business's purpose is to make the Washington Park, IL area the cleanest place to live and work. No job in Washington Park, IL is too big for us to do well or too small to be important.

Who We Are

We're native to the Washington Park, IL area and started our business more than 10 years ago as a window cleaning business with with just a bucket and squeegee. Now, we have a fleet of trucks and technicians and have clients ranging from movie theaters to local Washington Park, IL families. With that sense of humility and hard work, we treat each of our clients with the same respect.

Other services we offer in Washington Park, IL include:

Window Washing Washington Park, IL | Home Pressure Washing | Exterior Window Cleaning Near Washington Park

Washington Park, IL Window Washing Services | CleanPro STL

We're a little weird because we like seeing dirty windows — it gives us a chance to help our neighbors in Washington Park, IL in the best way we know how. We can't wait to help your house look the best it has in years. For a more enjoyable interior, lower bills, and healthier home or business, get in touch with CleanPro today at 636-686-7137 or request a free quote through our website.

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