Truck Wash Greater St. Louis. Your semi-trucks are your biggest investment, and a consistent, quality truck wash will help keep them looking great and help protect them long-term. Whether you're a shipping company, trucking company, a fleet owner, or a driver, you need your trucks to operate efficiently and to stand up to the test of time, inclimate weather, rough driving conditions, and hundreds of thousands of miles. Our St. Louis County truck wash experts are here to give your truck the wash it deserves. Call us today at (636) 686-7137 or request a free quote through our website.

No job is too small to matter and no job is too big to handle for our St. Louis truck wash team. Whether you need a truck wash for a single semi or for an entire fleet, CleanPro will give it an expert and detailed clean. We strive to make things convenient for you, so we’ll come to you.

As we come to you at your Greater St. Louis location, we’ll help you fit your truck wash into your tight schedule while helping you save on miles.

Why A Consistent Truck Wash is Important

Extend Your Truck’s Road Life

A consistent truck wash schedule will save on maintenance costs and increase the life expectancy of your truck

De-icing chemicals are corrosive, and many St. Louis and Missouri based drivers operate in winter conditions in cold Missouri and surrounding states. The de-icing chemicals many states and Missouri counties use on the roads can have a harmful long term effect on your semi. Water can reactivate the chemicals, meaning an improperly carried out truck wash could push the chemicals further into your truck’s parts. Our expert truck wash professionals know how to safely clean the underbelly of your truck so you won’t be at risk for any long-term effects.

Rust and Corrosion can be caused by dirt, grime, bird droppings, road debris, and more, which will add to your expenses down the line. CleanPro’s detailed cleanings and expertise will help you prevent rust and corrosion and any potential associated costs. A regular truck wash will also help protect the paint, which in turn helps protect the metal components of the truck from rust and corrosion.

Mold, mildew, and bacteria can lead to unsafe working conditions for your drivers, including staph infections. Investing in consistent truck washes will keep both your drivers and your trucks on the road. Studies show that smelly or dirty trucks can decrease a driver’s performance.

Maintenance is easier with a clean truck. A dirtier truck makes it harder to spot any potential maintenance issues, such as damaged parts or components, chafing lines, dents, scratches, or electrical problems. A truck wash by our expert, St. Louis based team will keep your truck clean and make any issues much easier to spot on routine inspection. If unseen, these issues could become a major hassle and expense when they worsen down the road.

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Your truck is an advertisement on wheels to the Greater St. Louis area and more. Your trucks send a message every time someone drives by them. Potential clients will want to pick a company that keeps it’s trucks shiny and clean. Some St. Louis County companies even specify in their contracts that trucks are not allowed to enter the property unless they have recently received a truck wash.

It's easier to recruit and retain drivers. There’s an estimated 300,000-500,000 long-haul truckers in the United States, and state governments issue more than 450,000 new CDL licenses each year. That means the Greater St. Louis employment market is a drivers market, and keeping your trucks clean and operational with a regular truck wash will be a major draw for potential employees.

Compliance, Safety, and Accountability Inspectors and the Department of Transportation are also less likely to pull over a clean truck and give it a full inspection. If your semis are covered in dirt and grime, they might assume there are other maintenance issues as well, or that your fleet is otherwise being neglected.

Resale Value

In the future, you may decide to upgrade your fleet or get out of the industry. Semis that have been cleaned with a consistent, quality, expert truck wash will have higher resale value. A regular fleet or truck wash with CleanPro will make sure you get a high return on your investment.

Why CleanPro is the Team of Greater St. Louis Truck Wash Experts You Need

After you decide that a regular truck wash is best for your semis, your fleet, and your bottom line, you might think there are too many truck wash companies to choose from. We’ll make it easy for you and tell you why CleanPro is the best choice you can make.


Our expert St. Louis County cleaning technicians at CleanPro will come to you for your truck wash, so you can save precious time and miles so you can stick to tight schedules and maintain your bottom line. We work efficiently to produce an effective, quality truck wash without making a mess on your property.

Environmental Benefits

At CleanPro, we use a system called vacuum recovery. We place a hose over the spot where the water will drain, and we soak up any excess soap and water that runs off your trucks and pump it directly into our tanks. This means there won’t be any wastewater, contaminants, or chemicals left on your truck, in your drains, or anywhere else on the property. We’ll take it with us when we’re done with the job. It also means that any other workers that are on the property while we’re cleaning will not have to stop working while we’re there.

We also custom blend our mixture of soap for each job we do with a 100% biodegradable solution free of caustic chemicals. This lets us be environmentally friendly while complying with federal, Missouri, and local St. Louis County EPA regulations.


Our custom, proprietary solutions lift dirt and grime from the most hidden place and block further mold, mildew, and other buildup. Our Greater St. Louis technicians are certified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and their expertise will keep your trucks shiny, clean, and productive, and your investment strong.

Call us today at (636) 686-7137 or request a free quote to get your trucks, drivers, and company the quality power cleaning services they deserve.

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