HOA/Neighborhood Sweeping Services St Louis. Whether you are a representative to your St Louis area community as an HOA member, a professional manager of HOA properties, or simply a caring member of your St Louis residential community, you have the opportunity and responsibility to introduce the best neighborhood street sweeping company to your development to maintain the shared paved surfaces. Call on CleanPro for the HOA or neighborhood sweeping that will keep your Greater St. Louis area community as picture-perfect as you always dreamed.

St Louis HOA and Neighborhood Upkeep

Homeowner Associations exist to maintain the developments where we live - to keep our homes and surrounding areas visually appealing and in good condition. Those who live in developments belonging to HOAs rely on the organization to take care of the maintenance and upkeep of the community at large.

One of the responsibilities of an HOA is to maintain the condition and cleanliness of the streets and pavement in the neighborhood. This includes sweeping throughout the development.

HOA and neighborhood sweeping serves an important role that goes beyond aesthetics. The quality and safety of the streets and the surrounding environment hang in the balance. That is why the Community Associations Institute affirms that street and parking lot sweeping in residential developments should be a requirement.

Benefits of St Louis Neighborhood Sweeping

  • Property Value
    A home is one of the largest investments most of us will ever make. On top of that, we have emotional attachment to this particular investment. We put a lot into maintaining our homes and making our individual properties look good. Keeping the streets, curbs, and lots within your living community clean with HOA sweeping is a simple way to improve the value of the homes within the community.
  • Community Pride
    You put a lot of effort into making your home look nice. That effort pays off not only for yourself, but also for your neighbors. Upkeep of the individual homes in a community makes the community as a whole more attractive and welcoming and encourages other St Louis area homeowners to put in the same effort. Neighborhood or HOA sweeping furthers community pride and keeps neighbors motivated to keep their property looking its best.
  • Environmental Protection
    The environmental benefits of regular street sweeping are many. Neighborhood sweeping catches pollutants that would otherwise find their way into your landscape, the storm drains that lead community water sources, and can even pollute the air. An HOA sweeping company that complies with EPA regulations provides significant protection to the environment surrounding your St Louis community.
  • Safety
    Neighborhood street sweeping affects safety in countless ways. Controlling pollutants and keeping the area clean reduces the presence of allergens and pests including bugs and rodents in the area. Keeping flammable materials like leaves and twigs from collecting reduces the risk of fire. Preventing buildup on the surface of the road makes it less slick and keeping the road clean reduces the changes of cracks, chips, and potholes. You expect that your home will keep your family safe, and neighborhood sweeping is a huge contributor to keeping your residence safe.
  • Investment Protection
    You and your neighbors have worked hard to become homeowners and provide a safe and comfortable place for you and your family to live. If you live in a community with a Homeowners’ Association, you probably contribute funds to the organization as well, and you expect that that money is responsibly allocated. It’s the HOA’s responsibility to make sure that same standard extends to the surrounding community for each and every resident. Simple things like HOA street sweeping protects your roads, curbs, and parking lots from requiring expensive repairs prematurely.

CleanPro's Quality HOA/Neighborhood Sweeping

The sweeping company for your St Louis neighborhood or development should provide reliability, value, convenience, and quality work. We do the job right the first time, guaranteeing satisfaction from the entire community.

HOAs and neighborhoods are centered around the concept of community, so it follows that your neighborhood street sweeping company should be a member of the larger community. CleanPro a locally owned and operated St Louis family company. We are licensed, insured, and bonded with a full staff of OSHA trained and certified professionals. With our credentials, years of industry experience, and top industry technologies including the superior dual motor air sweeper trucks, you can rest assured that CleanPro's sweeping team is second to none.

Contact Our St. Louis HOA/Neighborhood Sweeping Team | CleanPro

When you're ready to give your neighborhood streets the attention and care you give the rest of your home, call CleanPro. To learn more about our Homeowner Association or other street sweeping serivces and to book neighborhood sweeping services now, contact us today. You can call us at (636) 686-7137 or reach out online.

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