Why You Need Window Cleaning from the Professionals

For years, we’ve been washing the exteriors of local homes and businesses through services like power washing and roof cleaning. But did you know we also clean windows? At CleanPro, we know how to clean siding and other exterior materials gently enough to avoid damage while getting them spotless, and we can do the same for your windows. Here’s why it makes sense to trust our professional window cleaners with this task for your home or business.

We Have the Tools for the Job

Some homeowners and business owners assume that since they have a towel and a little time, they can get the glass clean on their own. But it turns out that’s not always enough. It’s much more efficient—and safe!—to leave this job to the professionals. Not only do we have experience cleaning the windows on homes and buildings of all shapes and sizes, but we also have all the right tools.

For example, if your windows are high up, you’d have to pull out the ladder to really get that glass sparkling. However, that’s not only time consuming, but also dangerous if you’re not used to cleaning windows that high up. So save yourself the trouble and hire CleanPro for the job. We have high-quality equipment and biodegradable cleaning products to ensure the results exceed your standards.

It’s Harder Than You Think

Even if you happen to have the time and tools to clean your windows, you’ll likely realize early on that you’re not the right person for the job. It can take hours or even days to properly clean all the windows on a commercial or residential property. All that, and you might not even get the results you’re hoping for, since getting a streak-free shine can be nearly impossible for most people who are not in this industry.

And let’s face it. Your time is better spent doing other tasks, whether that includes running a business, caring for your family or simply relaxing during your time off. What might take most people days will take our team hours, making our window cleaning services the efficient choice for your home or business.

Keep in mind that we recommend getting your windows cleaned twice per year. If doing the job on your own more than once per year doesn’t sound possible, it’s time to hire the professionals to take care of it for you! Contact CleanPro today if you’re interested in learning more about our window cleaning services.

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