Street Cleaning in St. Louis, MO. If you notice your street or parking lot is overfilled with debris, dust, and litter, schedule a street cleaning with CleanPro today. We offer convenient and high-quality street cleaning to neighborhoods throughout the St. Louis area. A cleaner St. Louis is a better St. Louis for its residents and any visitors. Call us today at (636) 686-7137 or request a free quote through our website.

Whether you are part of a Homeowners Association, manage an apartment complex, or need cleaning for your parking lot or garage, the appearance and cleanliness of the property you maintain is essential to the health of its occupants and their impression of the property. Street cleaning has health, safety, and environmental benefits that make your St. Louis neighborhood a better place to live for everyone. At CleanPro, we believe there is no street or parking lot too small to matter, or too big for us to handle. Our expert street cleaning professionals will give your street the quick, convenient makeover it and your residents deserve.

Benefits of Street Cleaning

There are myriad benefits to street cleaning, some less obvious than others. You can be sure that anyone who comes into your neighborhoods or onto your property will notice the benefits of a cleaner, debris-less environment right away. That makes a regular street cleaning with CleanPro good for you, your reputation and your bottom line. Below are several of the reasons you should schedule a street cleaning for your St. Louis road or parking lot.


Appearance may be the most obvious benefit of street cleaning. Nobody in St. Louis wants to live in a dirty or poorly maintained area. A clean street or parking lot, clear of debris and pollutants, helps create the impression of a pleasant place to live and will help NBC News improve your residents' mood.

Furthermore, clean streets can increase St. Louis property values and make your HOA or apartment complex a more inviting place to live.


The health of our communities is of the utmost importance. Street cleaning removes harmful contaminants from our communities' streets. Examples of common pollutants are:

  • Vehicle debris, such as metal or fluids
  • Plastic bags
  • Food and beverage wrappers
  • General litter
  • Soil, sediment and sand
  • Vegetation
  • Industrial emissions
  • Animal carcasses

Your residents will find it hard to be happy if their community is dirty and their health is compromised. The Environmental Protection Agency lists street cleaning as high-priority maintenance with only moderate costs. The EPA also states that the efficacy of street cleaning is "primarily a function of the frequency and regularity" of the street cleanings. So it's important to have your streets and parking lots cleaned often. CleanPro's expert street cleaning professionals are available whenever you need them.

It Keeps Storm Drains Clear

St. Louis's combined sewer systems carry off both storm water and sanitary sewage. Those systems can become clogged with litter, branches and leaves and overflow into the street or in your residents' or buildings' basements. When that happens, it can cause health concerns as well as necessitate expensive repairs. A regular, quality street cleaning by CleanPro will go a long way towards ensuring that your storm drains and sewage systems are kept clear and functioning properly.

The Environment

Dust and debris from the road is a leading cause of air pollution. Contaminants can also find their way into streams and other bodies of water, potentially harming wildlife and municipal sources of water. Allowing CleanPro's street cleaning experts to give your neighborhood a quality street cleaning will have monumental long-term benefits for your neighborhood and our planet.


Safety is another primary concern in any community. Debris in the road creates a high-risk for car accidents as it can lead to skidding and sliding. Mud and plant waste can also make roads more slippery, and debris creates obstacles for pedestrians, runners, and cyclists that could cause them to fall over. A regular street cleaning by CleanPro's expert St. Louis technicians will help keep anyone traveling on your streets safe.


A regular street cleaning will reveal any cracks, potholes, or other imperfections in the pavement. The sooner those are seen and addressed, the less of a problem they will be and the less it will cost to fix them down the line. Your streets and parking lots are an investment, and the cost of a regular street cleaning is far lower than that of repaving the entire street or lot.

It Keeps Away Rodents and Other Pests

Litter, trash and food debris will bring rats, mice, raccoons, possums and other unwanted animals into your streets. In addition to being unsightly and potentially bringing disease into your neighborhood, they may also attract predators such as coyotes that could put your outdoor pets at risk. Help protect your health, your community and your pets by scheduling an expert and quality street cleaning with CleanPro today.

Parking Lot and Parking Garage Cleaning

While many of the benefits of street cleaning also apply to parking lots and parking garages, there are a few other benefits specific to parking lots that are worth mentioning:

  • A parking lot cleaning brings in more business. A clean parking lot can literally drive more business into your stores, and your customers will be happier and more likely to come back.
  • A parking lot cleaning enhances your reputation. A well-maintained and nice-looking parking lot implies smart and mindful management. If you can't take care of your parking lot, it will be hard to convince a customer you can take care of them.
  • It diminishes liability. Dirty parking lots cause the same safety problems to drivers and pedestrians that dirty streets do. If somebody is in an accident and is injured in your parking lot, having a clean parking lot will ensure that they will not be able to hold you negligent for not keeping your property safe.

Call CleanPro for Your Street Cleaning Today

We want St. Louis to be as clean and inviting as it can be, and you want the most expert and high-quality street cleaning or parking lot cleaning there is. That's why you should call CleanPro. We offer quick and convenient street cleaning with the best customer service throughout the St. Louis area. Call us today at (636) 686-7137 or request a free quote through our website.

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