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Every homeowner deserves a home that looks its best. With our state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we guarantee a spotless, streak-free finish every time.

Fleet Washing Greater St. Louis. Your fleet is precious to your operation. One of your top priorities should be finding a fleet washing company that will meet your standards and respect your vehicles. At CleanPro, we have a team of fleet washing experts who know how important maintaining your vehicles is.

Get a quality clean without compromising on convenience with CleanPro's fleet washing services in St. Louis and beyond. Contact us today to schedule your first fleet washing service. Call 636-686-7137 or request an online quote right now and experience the CleanPro difference.

Fleet washing St. Louis | mobile fleet washing services St. Louis

Fleet Washing Services

The St. Louis fleet washing professionals of CleanPro have the skill, experience, and equipment necessary to provide the best possible fleet washing service. Our customers enjoy an experience that is quick, convenient, and safe. We provide an effective clean without making a mess on your property or requiring you to bring your fleet to us. Learn more about pressure washing and environmental impacts here.

How are we able to promise the best fleet washing service experience possible? We have the best and newest equipment, most qualified technicians, and industry-leading techniques at our disposal. When you call us to your property for mobile fleet washing for your trucks or other commercial vehicles, we will bring the following:

  • Clean water and water retrieval

    When you have a mobile fleet washing unit come to you, water becomes a concern. From where will the water for cleaning your vehicles be sourced? And what happens to the water that gets used in the cleaning process--will the dirty water be sprayed or puddled throughout your property?

    Our water hauling abilities allow CleanPro's fleet washing team in St. Louis to arrive to your site with all of the clean water we need to thoroughly wash your trucks. Our wastewater retrieval system then comes into play as we go to work cleaning your vehicles. The water we use to clean your fleet is gathered and pumped into our tank, keeping the dirty, soapy water out of your commercial property, landscape and local water system. Your place of business is protected from a significant mess and the surrounding environment is protected from contamination.

  • Environmentally friendly cleaners

    Though we have a very effective vacuum recovery system for removing contaminated water from your property, we remain conscious about the substances we use in our fleet washing work. We perform our external cleaning services, including fleet washing, with a special proprietary cleaning solution developed exclusively by and for CleanPro. We have refined this cleaner through our years in the industry, resulting in a solution that removes contaminates and blocks them from returning without the use of any caustic, harmful chemicals. CleanPro's cleaner is gentle and environmentally friendly.

  • Expert technicians

    Your fleet is your most vital asset, to put it mildly. You rely on the functioning of these machines to run your business and make a profit. Don't trust the important task of washing your vehicles to just anyone. Your fleet washing company should understand vehicles like yours and how to care for and maintain them.

    CleanPro's team of power washing professionals are true experts with decades of combined experience. Not only are they experienced and knowledgeable on power washing practices for buildings and other structures, but they also know their way around all kinds of commercial vehicles, including big rigs, passenger busses, cargo vans, and more.

Sustainably Engineered Solutions

At CleanPro, our pressure washing commitment extends beyond the green and efficient techniques of our fleet washing services. We take pride in implementing sustainably engineered solutions to minimize our environmental footprint. Our specialized wastewater retrieval system ensures that water used in the cleaning process is collected and contained, preventing any potential harm to your property or the local ecosystem. The water we use is carefully managed, keeping it free from contaminants and protecting both your business environment and the wider community.

What sets CleanPro apart is our dedication to providing tailored cleaning solutions. Our fleet washing services utilize a proprietary cleaning solution developed exclusively by and for CleanPro. This advanced cleaner, honed through years of industry experience, not only effectively removes contaminants but also acts as a protective shield, preventing their return. Importantly, our cleaning solution is environmentally friendly, reflecting our commitment to sustainable practices without compromising on cleaning efficacy.

At the heart of our service is a customer-centric approach. We understand that your fleet is a critical asset to your business operations. Therefore, our team of power washing professionals, with decades of combined experience, not only excels in power washing structures but also possesses in-depth knowledge of various commercial vehicles. Trust CleanPro for a comprehensive fleet washing experience that prioritizes the longevity and performance of your valuable assets.

Fleet Washing Benefits

Mobile fleet washing services from CleanPro, your St. Louis, MO, power washing team, is the clear choice for your fleet washing needs. Let us come to you in St. Louis, MO, and make your vehicles shine and see the benefits.

You will:

Save on labor costs and time. Let your professionals do what they do best. Finding a capable St. Louis, MO fleet washing team means you don't have to spend the labor time and costs it takes to do the job internally.

Market your business. In the transportation game, cleanliness is everything when it comes to your company's reputation. Your trucks leave a major impression on other motorists who see you on the road. To help your business continue and thrive by attracting new customers, make the appearance and performance of your vehicles a top priority.

Protect your assets. Debris and dirt build up on vehicles over time. This includes oil, durt, mud, grease, asphalt, and other substances. We know how to treat your fleet right and will identify red flags when we see them, allowing you to get ahead of any potential problems and fix them fast.

Keep people safe. By doubling as a maintenance check-up, our fleet washing service not only ensures that your trucks are performing in top condition, but also makes sure they are safe for both your drivers and others on the road. Nobody wants an accident or the lawsuit that can come with it. Looking over your trucks often is in everyone's best interests.

Mobile Fleet Washing Services in St. Louis

Get your St. Louis fleet washing service scheduled and let us worry about the rest. You and your team can get back to operating your business with the confidence that CleanPro's fleet washing team will make sure your fleet of trucks looks great and is in top condition. We will come on-site and provide a safe and detailed clean that makes a difference. Contact us at 636-686-7137 or online now.

Learn more about our fleet washing services near you by selecting your area from the list below.

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