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Semi Truck Wash Near Me in Valley Park, MO. The road is not always kind on trucks. Hundreds of thousands of miles spent driving through different road conditions, sleet, snow, cold and hot climates, and more can leave a lot of sediment on your trucks and can lead to them breaking down earlier than you wanted. In order to keep your fleet at peak performance, keep your public image intact, and save you money on more costly maintenance in the future, Call CleanPro for a skilled and meticulous semi truck wash. We pride on being convenient for all of our Valley Park, MO clients, so our power washers will come to you so you don't have to lose valuable miles. Call CleanPro today at (636) 686-7137 or reach out online.

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Top 7 Benefits of a Semi Truck Wash in Valley Park, MO

You spent a lot of money on your fleet, and whether or not a truck is clean or dirty can have an equally large impact on your business, your employers, and the people who use or may want your services. The top 7 advantages to getting a regular wash for your Valley Park, MO fleet are:

  1. Extend The Lifespan of Your Fleet &emdash; salts meant to make roads safer in the winter can erode truck components, and other things such as road debris or even bird droppings can can also erode partys. A consistent semi truck wash in Valley Park, MO will keep components from needing to be replaced prematurely.
  2. Maintain Before Your Repair &emdash; The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration require routine truck maintenance, and a log documenting it. With a meticulous semi truck wash, damaged or failing components will be easier to notice before they develop into other costlier problems.
  3. Limit Liability &emdash; Accumulated dirt and grime and fly off and harm other vehicles. If damage to components is hard to see, it's its chances of getting fixed are lower, further increasing liability in the case of a crash. Unclean windows will make it harder for a driver to see at night or in the colder, darker months. The injuries sustained in truck accidents, and their associated liability costs, can be astronomical, both for your employees and drivers and passengers in other vehicles. Getting a semi truck wash consistently will reduce your chances of being held liable for an accident.
  4. Reputation &emdash; Your trucks are billboards on wheels. If you take care of them properly, it will indicate to anyone who sees your trucks that you care about the important things, and that you are a good company to do business with and be employed by. Furthermore, the Department of Transportation is less likely to pull over a clean truck. A dirty truck may cause agents to believe that there are more significant underlying issues.
  5. Your Drivers Will Appreciate It &emdash; Some drivers feel like they almost live in their trucks while on the road. Being consistently surrounded by dirt and grime isn't enjoyable. Eliminating harmful contaminants improves driver experience and performance.
  6. Better Miles Per Gallon &emdash; As buildup accumulates on trucks, it increases their weight and creates more wind resistance. With a recently washed truck air will flow over the surfaces more smoothly, vastly improving your fuel economy.
  7. Better Resale Value &emdash; Semi trucks last exponentially longer than passenger vehicles. If you're selling your business, or looking to infuse your fleet with newer trucks, you'll want to make sure you can sell your existing fleet off for the most amount of money. Investing in regular truck washes will ensure you get the best return on investment possible.

To find out about what our semi truck wash services can do for your fleet in Valley Park, MO, call CleanPro at your convenience at (636) 686-7137 or ask for a free quote online.

Why Choose CleanPro For Your Semi Truck Wash in Valley Park, MO

We're not the only power washing company that offers semi truck wash services in the Valley Park area. But once you've had your fleet cleaned by us, we're sure that you'll find yourself turning into a repeat customer. Many trucking companies and truck drivers turn into repeat customers because:

  • We Adapt to Your Schedule — We know you have tight deadlines and can't afford to have your fleet out of service for an extended period. Our mobile truck wash team does quick and efficient work, and will go to your location at a time that works best for you.
  • Our Chemicals Are Non-Corrosive — We use the same non-caustic soaps and acids on your trucks as we do with our own fleet. Your fleet will experience damage. Our chemicals not only remove existing mold and debris, but block further mold, mildew, and other buildup from growing.
  • Our Vacuum Recovery System — Vacuum recovery is our way of limiting nuisance to your site and damage to the environment. We place a hose over the drain site, and all wastewater is pumped right back into our trucks. Your property will be protected while your operations carry on as usual.
  • We're Fully Insured &emdash; While we're confident our experts will do a great job, we know your fleet is a huge investment and you want to be covered if anything unexpected happens. We are entirely licensed, bonded, and insured for every job. You can view our insurance coverage here.
  • We're Professionals &emdash; All of our semi truck wash technicians are OSHA-trained and certified who know how to make everything from semi trucks to parking garages as clean as can be.

How We Wash Semi Trucks in Valley Park, MO

We've developed an efficient and effective process for semi truck washes in Valley Park, MO:

  • Free Quote — Call us or reach out through our online form to get a basic pricing range.
  • Initial Conversation — Discuss your trucks, and any special concerns or needs you may have.
  • Our Pre-Cleaning Inspection — We'll perform an exhaustive inspection of your truck or trucks to develop a sense of what it needs.
  • Custom Cleaning — All of our cleaning solutions are made specifically for each job. Our experts will know how to use power washing and soft washing techniques where appropriate.
  • Post-Cleaning Inspection — We double check our work to ensure your truck or fleet is entirely clean, and let you look over your fleet so know we did a good job before leaving.

With CleanPro, you can be sure you're getting an expert wash with quick, thorough, and courteous service. If you have any other questions about our process or what we can do for your fleet, call us today at (636) 686-7137.

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Semi Truck Wash Near Me in Valley Park, MO | CleanPro

Getting your fleet the semi truck wash it needs to shine and perform well does not have to be an inconvenience. At CleanPro, we're dedicated to ensuring that all of our Valley Park area clients get the professional and expert service they deserve. Whether you're looking to wash an entire fleet or are one driver who wants their truck taken care of, we're big enough to handle every project, but believe no job is too small to spend out time doing well. Call CleanPro today at (636) 686-7137 or request a free quote online.

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