Mobile Truck Wash in O’Fallon, MO. Keeping your trucks clean and at pime performance is key for any O’Fallon, MO shipping or trucking business. CleanPro’s expert power wash technicians give O’Fallon, MO’s best mobile truck wash for drivers and business owners. A clean and efficient truck fleet will help you save on upkeep costs and supplement your image in front of prospective customers and drivers. We use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and offer the highest quality mobile truck wash in the O’Fallon, MO area. Best of all, our mobile truck wash cleaners come to you, letting you save on valuable miles and meet tight deadlines. Call us today at (636) 686-7137 or request a free quote through our website.

A mobile truck wash is just as vital for your trucks as a regular oil change. Some experts support getting a weekly truck wash. Whether you need one semi-truck cleaned, or an entire fleet, CleanPro will provide an expert mobile truck wash quickly and at your convenience nearly anywhere in the O’Fallon, MO area.

Why You Need CleanPro’s Mobile Truck Wash

Your trucks are perhaps your biggest asset and investment, and your business cannot run properly — or at all — without them. Frequent mobile truck washes from CleanPro’s O’Fallon, MO fleet washing experts will keep your trucks efficient, profitable, and help your business thrive. Winter road conditions can add a lot of wear and tear to your trucks, and salt and de-icing chemicals have proven to be damaging and result in rust. The warmer months can bring dirt, grime, bird droppings, branches and other debris that can har your trucks’ components if left unattended. Here are just several of the ways a mobile truck wash will help you, your O’Fallon, MO business, and your drivers:

A Mobile Truck Wash Cuts Down on Costs

You can’t run a company without maintaining your bottom line. Investing in a regular mobile truck wash by CleanPro’s power washing experts will help you save in a range of ways:

  • Save on Upkeep. A mobile truck wash will help increase the lifespan of your O’Fallon, MO trucks and save on expensive maintenance.
    • Damage or needed repairs are easier to see before they get worse, and more expensive
    • De-icing chemicals and grime on the road that isn’t washed off can cause rust and corrosion
    • Mold, mildew, or bacteria could make your drivers sick and keep them from being able to work
  • Save on Miles and Gas. Your drivers and trucks will be more efficient:
    • Trucks are not as aerodynamic when they are dirty or holding debris . A cleaner truck will help it drive more efficiently and save on precious MPGs
    • As a mobile truck wash, CleanPro’s expert technicians come to you, whether it's on your property or at a truck stop. This allows you to stick to tight deadlines without using up extra miles.

A Mobile Truck Wash Enhances Your Reputation

The appearance of your semi-trucks and fleet gives off an impression about your company and how it operates. A regular mobile truck wash with CleanPro’s power wash professionals will ensure that you are sending the right message about your trucks.

  • Dirty trucks are pulled over by the Department of Transportation for inspections with much more frequency than clean ones. This could lead to your truck being out of commission for a lengthy period, potentially resulting in pricey repairs.
  • Your truck is an advertisement on wheels, and potential clients will not be inclined to contract your trucking company if your trucks look dirty and poorly-maintained.
  • Potential employees will also want to work for a company that keeps its trucks clean. If you don’t treat your trucks well, they may worry that you won’t treat them well either.

If you want to protect the investments you’ve already made in your trucks and your business, call CleanPro’s expert mobile truck wash cleaners today at (636) 686-7137 for a free quote. In our first conversation, we’ll go over any particular concerns you might have about your semis.

The CleanPro Mobile Truck Wash Difference

Whether you need us to power wash one truck or an entire fleet, hiring CleanPro for a quality mobile truck wash will be one of the best decisions you can make for your. We pride ourselves in helping O’Fallon, MO area businesses prosper and consider all of our customers as family. Any job that a O’Fallon, MO resident needs done, no matter how big or small, is a job worth doing well. There are many elements that make CleanPro the O’Fallon, MO area’s best mobile truck wash company:


We take pride in our ability to proffer quick, expert mobile truck wash services while still taking the time to give you the highest quality cleaning and customer service possible. Our power wash professionals conduct pre- and post-cleaning inspections to make sure every inch of your truck or fleet is given an expert wash. We use our own proprietary cleaning mixtures and custom-blend them for each job to ensure the best possible mobile trucks wash for your semis.


We’ll come to you practically anywhere in O’Fallon, MO so that you can stick to tight deadlines without inconveniencing you . With our free quote through our website.

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