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Every homeowner deserves a home that looks its best. With our state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we guarantee a spotless, streak-free finish every time.

House Washing Near Me Rock Hill, MO

House Washing Near Me in Rock Hill, MO. In Rock Hill and the nearby areas, it sometimes seems like we go through all four seasons eveyr day. Weather, along with effects of use, can result in our Rock Hill, MO homes looking grimy and untended to. In some cases, it can negatively affect the value of your home or create unnecessary dangers for your family and guests. We offer "house washing near me" services to residents throughout Rock Hill, MO so their home can get the tender loving care it deserves. If the outside of your home is appearing lackluster, or you just want an exterior washing to assuage the damage the last season did, get in touch with CleanPro today at 636-686-7137 or request a free house washing quote online.

House Washing Near Me in Rock Hill, MO

At CleanPro, our trained technicians can wash any concrete, wood, composite or vinyl surfaces. When we first get to your home, we'll take a quick look around what you need cleaned and determine the ideal solutions to employ to rid your home of grime, mold, dirt, and detritus. Some of some of what we can clean during your house washing in Rock Hill, MO are:

House Soft Washing

House soft washing is closely related to power washing in the sense that it uses a stream of water to clean surfaces. However, soft house washing uses a low-pressure stream instead of a high-pressure system, the water is generally at a higher temperature, and it normally contains a blend of:

  • Bleach, in order to break the chemical bonds of grime and kill germs
  • A surfactant, which makes the solution "wetter" for longer, making it easier for the chemicals to get in between and loosen up algae and mold growth
  • Algaecide to exterminate mold and algae and obstruct future growth

While power washing is used for more durable surfaces like concrete, soft house washing is used for less resistant surfaces such as decks, lanais, or certain patio enclosures.

Roof Cleaning

If algae, mold, and lichen is not removed, it will thrive in the humid Rock Hill, MO climate and spread throughout your roof and even into your home. They can also streak your shingles, making your roof appear unattractive and less able to stand up to the damage the natural elements can cause for our roofs. Detritus can also attract pests such as rodents, hornets, or even bats, which can damage your roof and cause health concerns for you and your family. If the damage becomes too severe, you may eventually need a full roof replacement, which costs an average of $11,000. and as much as $22,000. A professional and meticulous roof cleaning will ensure that your Rock Hill, MO house stays healthy and protected.

Fence Washing

A fence helps protect our privacy and keep us safe. When a fence is left dirty, it will look blemished and not be as effective at protecting you. A quality fence washing will ensure your fence keeps doing its job and make sure no critters can come in, nor any any more dangerous animals such as coyotes.

Deck Washing

While while hoping for rainfall is a popular option for deck cleaning, in reality a professional deck washing is the only way to get rid of most contaminants. Whether you use your deck for reading hanging out with your friends, or anything else, a deck is where a lot of us like to pass quality time, and we should do our best to take care of it. A deck washing will keep your deck looking great and protect it from mold or algae growth that could eventually cause it to be less safe.

Driveway Cleaning

Our vehicles bring a lot of chemicals and debris onto our driveways, and driveways are subject to a lot of foot traffic as well. That could make you, your family, and your guests more prone to slipping and falling. A driveway cleaning will keep everyone safe, and eventually save you money down the line by clearing away substances that could cause cracks or crumbles. A driveway is the first thing many people see when they get to your home, so a clean driveway will make a great first impression. With our driveway cleaning services in Rock Hill, MO, we'll purge your driveway of:

  • Mold
  • Oil stains
  • Grime
  • Rubber streaks
  • Discoloration
  • Hard water stains
  • Debris
  • Other foreign substances

Porch, Patio, and Walkway Cleaning

We are experts in the hardscape cleaning required when washing porches, patios, and walkways in Rock Hill, MO. You should be proud of how your friends and neighbors get around on and enjoy your property. Concrete feels durable, but it is actually an exceedingly porous material that can collect contaminants. That leads to damage and the outside of your property looking unsightly.

Exterior Window Cleaning

Exterior window cleaning has a variety of benefits for your Rock Hill, MO home. Natural light can help you improve your energy efficiency and your mental health. It can also help protect the wood and paneling surrounding your window.

Whether you decide to use one or all of our residential house washing services, we can help boost your Rock Hill, MO home's curb appeal.

House Washing Near Me Rock Hill, MO | Exterior Home Washing | Power Washing Near Rock Hill

The CleanPro "House Washing Near Me" Difference in Rock Hill, MO

It can be hard to decide which house washing company to go with, but most Rock Hill, MO residents who have used our services have found we are the best residential and commercial services. A CleanPro house washing comes with:

  • Guaranteed Results — We offer an 18-month, mold-free guarantee for all of our projects.
  • Industry Leading Solutions — Our proprietary chemicals are mixed specifically for each job.
  • Eco-Friendly Cleanings — We use no corrosive liquids and all of our liquids are 100% biodegradable.
  • Industry Leading Customer Experiences — We love seeing Rock Hill, MO homes and neighborhoods as clean as they can be. No house is too big for us to handle or too small to matter.

Take a look at the links below to see what other services we offer in Rock Hill, MO:

House Washing Near Me in Rock Hill, MO | CleanPro

We started out by going house to house with a squeegee and a bucket, and have gone on to grow our business into the leading power washing and sweeping services in Rock Hill and the surrounding areas. Our dream is to see Rock Hill, MO homes and neighborhoods flourish as we have. Many of our clients have discovered that a seasonal or even monthly house washing is worth it both aesthetically and for the safety and value of their home. Give us a call at at 636-686-7137 or request a free quote online for the best house washing services in Rock Hill, MO.

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