Power Washing Tips for a Driveway in Winter

Keeping your driveway clear and safe during winter is a daunting task. Not only does one face frigid temperatures, but also a constant snowfall. The following CleanPro power washing tips help clean your driveway effectively during winter:


i) The Best Time to Power Wash Your Driveway

You should power-wash your driveway before and after the winter. The move prepares your driveway for winter and refreshes it after the fall. It also helps one avoid interruptions from the weather during the cleaning exercise.


ii) Types of Power Washers for Your Driveway

Power washers have 4 different sizes of nozzle: 0, 15, 25, and 40 degrees. The 25 degrees power washer is ideal for a driveway. The washer creates a wide sheet of water that cleans a wide area. You can power the washer using electricity or fuel.


iii) The Dos and Don’ts of Maintaining Your Driveway

  1. a) Before the winter starts, you should remove debris, stains, twigs, and leaves from your driveway.
  2. b) You should reseal your driveway once every 2 years. You can also reseal it whenever it starts to wear.
  3. c) You should also remove snow from your driveway within the shortest time to avoid freezing and thawing that can crack your driveway.
  4. d) Do not use thawing chemicals on your driveway. The chemicals are sometimes harmful to your driveway.


The discussed CleanPro power washing tips will help you keep your driveway clean and free of damages in winter.



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