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Get Ready for Fall With CleanPro Residential Roof Cleaning

Say goodbye to beaches and baseball, and say hello to “sweater weather” and football – we’re at the changeover from summertime to the fall! If you’re a homeowner in the greater Saint Louis area, that means it’s time to get the house ready for the new season.

With the colder weather, it’s time to take a look at the condition of your roof. The summertime – especially in St. Louis – can do a number on your roof’s condition. Summertime storms and weather may damage shingles, kick up dirt and debris on the roof, and generally leave it in a poor state. Don’t let that go on into a new season! Enlist the professionals at CleanPro to deliver a comprehensive cleaning of your roof that maximizes the curb appeal for the fall season and makes your house the highlight of the block.

CleanPro delivers regular, effective roof cleaning services provides a cost-conscious alternative to the expensive investment of a full-time replacement. How effective is it? With the CleanPro treatments, your roof can stay in tip-top condition for up to a decade longer. Our soft-wash service is the only way to both safeguard the quality of your shingles and maximize the appearance of the house – important for both potential buyers and those holiday party-goers that are set to come around this way during the winter months.

CleanPro is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and delivers a full selection of residential, commercial, and industrial pressure washing services. We come with two generations of pressure washing expertise, a team of OSHA-trained and certified technicians, and the industry’s best ingredients at our fingertips.

See what we can do for your home! Schedule your service in and around St. Louis now before the colder weather comes in, and our calendar gets full!

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