Client Satisfaction Stories: Roof Cleaning

Our client was panicking. After noticing some black streaks on their roofing, they asked friends and neighbors what was up. Their verdict? That their shingles were rotting. And that a roof replacement was the only answer.

Our clients weren’t prepared to shell out a five-figure sum for a roof replacement project. But they also didn’t want their home to fall apart before their eyes.

A roof in need of a refresh

We know the inclination: when something looks off with your home, you ask fellow homeowners what the issue might be. But here’s the sticking point – sometimes you just get the wrong information.

That was the case with our clients. While their home desperately needed help, it didn’t need a roof replacement project. Instead, it had a Gloeocapsa Magma issue. This entails:

  • Living bacterial growth that eats away at the particulate matter in your shingles
  • Black stains that showcase the growth of Gloeocapsa Magma
  • An eyesore and a liability – because a roof overrun with Gloeocapsa Magma has less structural integrity and represents the polar opposite of curb appeal

Our roof cleaning solution

So, our client’s roof was in trouble. But it wasn’t a lost cause – it just needed the expertise of expert roof washing. That’s where CleanPro came into play. Our experts used:

  • Soft washing to safely and effectively clean the entire roof
  • Special cleaning products to kill Gloeocapsa Magma and other buildups
  • Expert technicians with the training to guarantee a job well done

Our clients didn’t need to part with a five-figure sum, and they didn’t have to deal with the inconvenience of a roof replacement. They simply needed an expert roof cleaning service to recover their property’s quality and curb appeal. And CleanPro was proud to deliver on every count.

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