Banish Those Black Streaks!

It’s time to talk about your roof.

Sure, it’s still working as it should – it’s the literal roof over your head, after all – but is it living out to its full potential?

If there are black streaks on your roof, the answer is an automatic “no.” And it’s time to take action.

The Scoop on Black Streaks

Black streaks are one of the most common property issues in our part of the country. But what they are, and why they need to be addressed, can remain a mystery. Get the fast facts:

  • What
    Black streaks are caused by gloeocapsa magma. This bacteria is naturally occurring and thrives among the material that makes up your roof. As it grows, so does the streak.
  • Why
    It’s essential to remove black streaks – after all, they’re actively feeding on your roofing. With proactive care, you can prevent deterioration and permanent damage.
  • How
    Our soft washing service invests in the long-lasting quality and curb appeal of your roof. We use this approach to kill existing gloeocapsa magma and prevent it from making a comeback.

With professional roof cleaning, you can bid farewell to black streaks. But you can also go one step further – you can rest easy knowing that your roof is here to stay.

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