Rust Removal

Take Back Your Curb Appeal

Rust shouldn’t be an accent to your property. With professional service from CleanPro, you can keep your curb appeal intact - and your investment safe!

You know where rust has taken hold. It’s our job to discover why the problem is happening, just as it’s our job to discover how to fix it.

We take time to assess the source of the stain for a few reasons. First, it helps us make preventive recommendations. Second, it dictates the rust removal methods we use.

Although all rust stains may look alike from the outset, the source may vary. Our team has a solution for:

  • Rust stains: When metal and moisture meet, rust happens. This oxidation can be sourced from outdoor furniture, property accents, and more.
  • Irrigation and fertilizer stains: Sometimes, your water source contains trace amounts of iron. When you irrigate, the iron is deposited on your hardscapes. And when that iron meets moisture… You can predict the rest.
  • Battery acid stains: Golf carts or landscaping equipment that run on batteries can be the source of stains. When the battery leaks, the stain crops up.

Using Tailored Cleaners, We:

When we come to your property, one of the first things that we will do is observe. We’ll examine the space around the rust stains to determine the source. Next up: a plan of action to erase any eyesores! This involves:

  • Remove rust stains and streaks
  • Prevent discoloration from recurring
  • Use safe cleaners that won’t harm your property
  • Recommend strategies to safeguard your surfaces

With a complete cleaning plan and strategic recommendations from CleanPro, you can invest in the long-term curb appeal and quality of your exterior. Your property deserves a rust-free future – and we create that for you!

CleanPro: Results that Matter

You aren’t coming to a professional property services company to get any old solution – you’re coming here for the best solution.

That’s what you can always expect from CleanPro. We are proud to serve the greater St. Louis area with rust removal, pressure washing, and more. When you choose our team, you choose:

  • Two generations of expertise
    The founder of CleanPro is a second-generation pressure washer and property services, expert. We bring local knowledge to your property – and we care about your home or business’s success.
  • Industry-approved technology
    All of our cleaners and equipment are the most advanced in the industry, so you’re always getting the best result.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
    For us, this one is simple. We promise that you’ll be happy with our service – and if you aren’t, we’ll make it right. Why should you ever expect anything less?
  • OSHA-trained technicians
    Every member of our team comes with the training and certifications is takes to bring you the best service in St. Louis.

Rust should never hurt the reputation, safety, or quality of your property. With the expertise of CleanPro, you can get a thorough solution – guaranteed!