Your property is a beacon of customer appeal — but are you including your parking garage in the equation? This space is the first and last place that customers interact with your company, and it’s essential that it reflect your positive reputation.

The Impact of a Dirty Parking Garage

Your positive first impression might be buried under leaves, dirt, dust, and other debris. Without regular parking garage maintenance, it’s inevitable. With constant traffic and vehicles coming and going, you’re detailing with issues that include:

  • Environmental debris:
    From instantly-visible leaves to subtle-but-impactful pollen, the collateral of mother nature can harm your garage.
  • Traffic Buildup:
    Dirt, dust, and grease can be an unwelcome addition to your concrete surfaces.
  • Litter:
    From chip bags to water bottles, soda cups to napkins, litter makes in impact – and makes your interior look bedraggled.

With a complete parking garage sweeping service from CleanPros, your parking garage will represent everything it should: professionalism, cleanliness, and organization.

Bringing You a Better Parking Lot

We are your source for effective and efficient parking garage sweeping services. With our professionals on the job, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best results – and a seamless and reliable solution. The result: Your lot will look clean, professional, and ready for business. We provide:

  • Pre-Service Inspection
    Every parking garage sweeping service starts with an initial site investment. This helps us determine how to best clean your area – and how we can bring a complete clean to you.
  • Sweeping
    Aided by everything from power sweepers to hand brushes, we ensure that your hardscapes get the best treatment. From leaves to trash, we erase it all.
  • Power Blowing
    Details matter. Our team uses power blowing to get into the corners that need it most, so debris won’t come back to damage your first impression.
  • Optional: Pressure Washing
    We’re equipped with the best power washing quality to deliver a deep clean. This process removes grease, oil, and other stains that are bringing your parking garage down.
  • Debris Removal
    After completing our parking garage sweeping service, we’ll package and dispose of all debris that we collected in the process.

Remember, every parking garage is different. Whether you manage a multi-level unit or a single story, the CleanPros experts are here to bring a better solution to you.

Creating a 100% First Impression

CleanPros is your professional resource for services that enhance curb appeal and bring out the best qualities in your business. We earn your loyalty with:

  • The best quality… And the best results.
    We only use the industry’s highest grade cleaning technology to get your parking lot looking clean and fresh.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
    We’re dedicated to bringing you a result you love. If you aren’t completely satisfied, we aren’t done.
  • Honesty, integrity, and transparency.
    We want all of our customers to feel confident in their choice for a parking garage sweeping source – and we put it all into bringing this goal to life for you.

Let Your Concrete Speak For You!

When customers and visitors pull into your parking garage, you want them to feel welcome. With a parking garage sweeping service, you’re getting a great first impression – and a whole lot more. Expect:

  • Better long-term quality for your concrete
  • Improved property value
  • Enduring curb appeal
  • A professional image that starts with a great first impression

With CleanPros, your parking garage will become the gateway to a great consumer experience for everyone who comes to your property!

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