Commercial Concrete Cleaning

Concrete cleaning and maintenance throughout the year are essential. But one of the most important times to focus on this is right now, just before spring.

Particularly harsh winters and weather conditions are a challenge for many property owners. Thankfully, there are practical ways to combat this.

Concrete Cleaning Basics

Over the winter, a lot of grease and grime may have accumulated on your property’s concrete. There are a few ways to DIY clean yourself—you could do pressure washing, power washing all of your road surfaces on the property.

If done regularly, washing the concrete this way will help avoid wear and tear throughout the year.

The essential things to focus on when cleaning are:

· Removing all dirt, oil and stains on your concrete

· Killing bacteria, mildew and mold, plus avoiding future buildups

· Brightening all surfaces

Always Remember Safety First

At the end of winter, a soon as the snow melts, do an efficient power wash cleaning. An important thing to take into account is your own safety when pressure cleaning your driveway. If you have used salt or sand to remove snow from your driveway, it’s likely there is excess debris to get rid of.

Cracked or tiled driveways will need extra care. With the arrival of spring, other growth will appear—weeds, mold, and fungi. To get rid of these, first, powerwash the surfaces, then use a coat of sealant to prevent future damage and unwanted growth.

When to Call a Pressure Washing Company

Cleaning your concrete and the commercial area can be a good project to start off the season. However, the entire process will be time-consuming, especially on top of all the other spring-cleaning duties and business work events you may need to attend to.

For the best results, you can always call a pressure washing company to handle everything.

Ensure Your Commercial Property has Beautiful Curb Appeal

For professional help, CleanPro is trustworthy and efficient. With our cutting-edge pressure washing system, those high-impact areas can once again become clean and spotless.

How is CleanPro different? We use an approach called soft washing to clean your exterior. It’s a tried and proven method using a low-pressure washing system with cleaning compounds for the best results.

We also handle driveway cleaning, roof washing, and other property services. For more information, visit our website or call us today for an appointment.

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