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Client Satisfaction Stories: Gutter Cleaning

Our client dreaded the rain. And it wasn’t because they had an issue with a cloudy day – in fact, they enjoyed it. No, they dreaded the rain on behalf of their home.

Gutter cleaning was sorely missing from our clients’ routine maintenance plan. And it was up to our team to change it.

The Problem: Clogged Gutters

Our clients had a gutter system running around the perimeter of their home. Unfortunately, they also had a whole lot of tree cover. And when leaves, sticks, and other debris settle into their gutters, it created a major roadblock. Because of clogged gutters, our clients were dealing with a whole host of issues, including:

  • Flooding
    Rainwater was falling directly from their roof to their gutters, where it was overflowing directly around the home’s foundation. This excessive buildup of water resulted in serious flooding around their home – and some of it was even sneaking its way into their basement.
  • Landscaping Issues
    The excessive water buildup was also taking a toll on their landscaping. All of their hard gardening work was getting co-opted by soil erosion and flooded out seedlings.
  • Mold and mosquito buildup
    The standing water in the clogged gutter system was an ideal condition for mold to grow. It also made a great home for mosquitos.

The Solution: Safe Gutter Cleaning

Our client’s home needed help – and our gutter cleaning solution was just the right fit. Using our professional approach, we were able to deliver a service that could guarantee:

  • Safety
    With all the right technology and training in place, we could ensure that our technicians were safe – and our clients didn’t have to grapple with a ladder.
  • Complete buildup removal
    We removed all buildup from the gutter system – from big clogs to particulate matter.
  • Curb appeal
    With our gutter cleaning service, the client’s gutters were bright, welcoming, and curb appeal ready.

Gutters are critical to a healthy property. With CleanPro on the job, they went back to doing their job – and doing it well!

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