Use Regular Power Washing to Protect Your Home All Winter

Winter is the perfect time to schedule power washing services from CleanPro. A single cleaning, however, won’t protect your home from stains, bacteria, and pollution for very long. For the best results, you need monthly cleaning services that will prevent problems and keep your home looking its best.

Protect Your Home With Monthly Power Washing in St. Louis

Each month, the St. Louis area gets between 35 and 40 inches of precipitation. All of that water can damage your home in ways that you haven’t thought about. When you live in a wet environment, it’s important to think about things like:

  • Mildew making your outdoor stairs slippery.
  • Ice dams that can clog gutters and damage your roof.
  • Rain pollution staining your concrete structures.

Frequent rainfall doesn’t make your home’s exterior cleaner. It does the opposite by bombarding your property with pollution and creating moist environments where mildew, mold, and algae.

Monthly power washing from CleanPro keeps your home in great condition, so you don’t have to worry about problems caused by the wet climate.

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal With Monthly Power Washing

The value of homes in St. Louis County has increased dramatically over the last several years. Your home’s value can’t grow as much as possible, though, when it has poor curb appeal.

Monthly power washing from CleanPro will improve your home’s curb appeal, beauty, and value.

Regular washing benefits your property by:

  • Removing driveway stains before they set in.
  • Washing away dirt and pollution that accumulates on your home’s exterior.
  • Cleaning your roof to eliminate stains and dirt.
  • Clearing your gutters so water gets directed away from your home.
  • Removing dust, dirt, and pollution from your windows before the surfaces get scratched.

Plus, regular power washing will make you feel proud to invite people to your gorgeous home.

Schedule Your First Power Washing Session From CleanPro

Don’t let the elements hurt your most valuable investment. Schedule your first power washing session from CleanPro today so you can see the difference that professional services make.

Contact us today for a free quote. You won’t believe how affordable monthly pressure washing is from a local business that puts your needs first.

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