Fleet & Truck Mobile Washing

Truck and Fleet Washing

Time to bring your curb appeal on the road! CleanPro is the region’s choice for fleet and truck washing solutions that make your spotless reputation go mobile.

Make Your Reputation Road-Worthy

No company vehicle is merely an accessory: All serve an important role in the success of your business. And whether you have one truck or an entire fleet, the need to preserve your automotive assets is of vital importance.
But it’s easier said than done. Vehicles that are out on the road bear the brunt of wear and tear from gravel, dirt, poor driving conditions, and mother nature. Even if your trucks get a lot of downtimes, they’ll still be impacted by exterior elements.

We bring a better appearance and a longer lifetime to your fleet.

Our professional mobile washing solutions:

  • Remove grit, dirt, gravel, and oil
  • Restore the shine to your vehicle’s body
  • Refresh the professional first impression to your fleet

Custom Fleet Washing Services

A clean fleet starts with a tailored action plan. Before we kick off any pressure washing project, we go through each of the following steps to deliver the best service to your vehicles:

  • Free Quote: This simple process gives you an idea of our pricing, and also gives us a starting point for the project specs
  • Preliminary Conversation: This is a great opportunity to share any special needs, concerns, or challenges around the appearance of your vehicles.
  • Pre-Cleaning Inspection: We arrive onsite and conduct a thorough inspection of the fleet. This informs our cleaning process for the entire fleet.
  • Custom Cleaning: We utilize a mobile pressure washing solution that is a match against even the most stubborn grit and buildup. We also deliver hand and soft washing for areas that need gentler attention.
  • Post-Cleaning Inspection: This is our opportunity to ensure that your fleet is spotless. The job isn’t done until we’re satisfied that you’re getting the very best!

State-of-the-Art Technology Meets Results that Matter

We don’t cut corners on our fleet washing project – by contrast, we’re proud to utilize the best cleaning technology in the industry. You can count on the CleanPro team to provide:

  • Superior Cleaners: All of our cleaning products are specially formulated to break down grease, oil, and other stubborn buildups. The result is a clean, functioning, and beautiful fleet.
  • OSHA-certified Technicians: Every member of the CleanPro team has received the training it takes to deliver a safe and successful service to you.
  • Mobile Pressure Washing Technology: With the best soft washing and pressure washing equipment in the industry, we ensure that you’re getting the cutting edge of fleet washing service.
  • Wastewater Reclaim: This important process captures, treats, and safely stores all water used in the cleaning process. In doing this, we prevent contaminated runoff and keep your property in compliance with the EPA.

With our mobile washing technology, we bring the best custom solutions straight to you. Stretch the potential of your fleet – and watch the results pay off in the end.

Pressure Washing
St. Louis, MO

Why Choose Clean Pro?

  • 2nd Generation Owner
  • Latest Technology & Techniques
  • OSHA Trained & Certified Staff
  • Dedicated To Great Service
  • Consistent, Reliable Results

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